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Our double optin lists are marketing magic. No hasses, no complaints, just good, solid email citizens who appreciate a good email offer and can ignore one they don’t care for…

Double opt-in means they went through the step of confirming their email address. List subscribers have received an email and responded to it. This list gives you the ability to email large numbers of people (as with bulk email) from a regular email account because these people are so offer-friendly. Complaints and resistance come at a minimum when compared to other lists.

By the numbers…

Ariel from WordPress theme giant Elegant Themes explains…

double opt-in confirmation

  • Double opt-in emails had a 72.2% increase on Unique Opens (not counted: multiple opens from a single subscriber)
  • Double opt-in lists saw a 144% higher open rate compared to single opt-in lists
  • Double opt-in emails saw 48.3% lower bounce rate than single opt-in emails

Arguably, these results come from a single test run by Mailchimp. However, Mailchimp enforces these results by their functionality and features. They offer easy to use double opt-in forms and templates and links to the CAN-SPAM act in their documentation. (Full disclosure: We use Elegant Themes and Mailchimp for our website) Most importantly, the numbers listed above thoroughly squash any scientific questions about market segment, isolation or deviation.

Double Opt-ins: A one-two punch!

Double opt in email lists provide the juice that your project needs. They are a one-two marketing punch; combining a large volume of offer-friendly subscribers with the trust level of a smaller, more intimate list. Double opt-ins entice a degree of familiarity at an earlier stage. Reaching large numbers of friendly, responsive people makes it easier to quickly show profit.

Double Opt-ins lower your costs

Normally to send bulk email you need to rent a private server with all kinds of costs and expenses associated to keep running your lists. With this double opt in email list you can save that huge expense by sending from a regular email address, since the folks on this list are so friendly and non-complaining

And The Best Part…

The people on these double opt in email lists are especially RESPONSIVE internet types. They like to mix it up. They like an exchange. People like to be challenged to think and learn. They will click if you have something worthy to say…


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Double Optins (Aged)

We get thousands of leads every week. Some of them don’t sell. They sit around and get older and older. Well…as the saying goes…every dog needs a job! You can take advantage of our disadvantage by getting one of these tireless pups to work for you.

These aged lists are not beat up or over used. They haven’t been flogged mercilessly and put out to pasture. We get them fresh and they are sitting on the shelf gathering dust…waiting for someone to take them hunting for prospects.

One thing to point out is that these are the same lists for as little as one third of the cost. They have the same header: Name, Address, Mobile Phone, Email, IP, Date and Time. The oldest lists may not be mobile validated but the double optin subscribers are the same responsive users. The only difference is the age.

You may try combining these lists and running split tests for yourself. A  fresh 5000 leads and an 11k aged 12+ months costs $300; the same as a fresh 11k.  Another 50 dollars gets you 6 months closer to fresh on the 11k. Or, we can combine 11k fresh with 11k at 3-6 months and have them sitting back to back for $500.

And remember the numbers

Either way you slice it, these lists will perform better than anything on our website. Maybe survey leads or CoReg or a lucky cut on one of our mega databases might match the numbers…on a good day. Importantly, we know you will find substantial value in these leads and here at List57, we will bet on double optins every time.

Last but not least: Phones Too!

This is one of the best phone lists around. The double optin qualities make the phone work easier. Additionally, the more recent of these lists have seen cell phone validation and they can be used for text messaging. Please mention this when you order or use our request free quote button to learn more.