Bulk Internet Optins For B2C Call Centers

Each Lead Contains 3 Contact points – Email, Phone, Postal

Leads Available In 1st Position, 2nd Position or Aged

Internet Optins are collected when someone “opts in” by filling out a subscriber or email form on a business’ webpage. Many times these forms are specially built for re-marketing and call centers. This means they are exempt from do-not-call legal constraints (1st and 2nd pos) and they are great for multi-channel marketing (email, ringless voicemail, social media).

Internet Optins Produce Pre-qualified Leads

A big plus for internet optins is the way they provide a lively list. Internet optins promise more conversions because they are essentially pre-qualified. The contacts are included into one of the verticals listed below because they have filled out the form and clicked the “send me offers” button. They are already asking for what you are offering! This means they will be more likely to buy something than contacts from one of our databases or your organic traffic.

Our internet optins are the closest you can get to an “owned list;” your list of contacts that have shown interest or loyalty to your own products and offers. It is really just one step away from being all yours to do what you want; regardless of legal or other constraints. At List57, we believe internet optins are the best answer to cost effective business expansion on a large or small scale.

Enhance Your Data to Increase Conversions

Also, look at our append options. We can search the internet and our own databases to complete your list. Adding a qualifying field or two can greatly increase chances to connect with your contacts on a different level. Remember that important marketing tip to not ask questions you don’t know the answer to? Our append and enhance features are how to get the answers first. 


Bulk Internet Optins – click on the text links to find out more

Data Appends for Increased ROI

Data Appending Service

Imagine: if you could learn anything about your prospects or currently owned lists? 
What if you could add any fields that you choose?
Would that help in your sales process? 

Knowing more about prospects and clients will always lead to better conversions and a better human connection. Knowing more will improve your scripts and help shape your offers. The notion that knowing more will create better conversions cannot be refuted. Please look into our partial list of appends to see if we can help put your next campaign over the top…

more fields to target


  1. Life Events
  2. Financial
  3. Age
  4. Behavior
  5. Health Interest
  6. Travel
  7. Technology
  8. Vehicles
  9. Ethnicity
  10. Individual Characteristics
  11. Household Characteristics
  12. Interests
  13. Real Property
  14. Buying Activity


Data appends (enhancement) and scrubbing (hygiene) can help save money off the top and increase money on the bottom line. Please visit those pages to find out more…

Visit our data enhancement page here…

Visit our list hygiene page here…

We have so many lists we can barely count them. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please use our request free quote button and we will help you find it.