Consumer International Non-USA Lists and Databases

Non-USA Databases for sale, Foreign databases, Non-USA Lists For Sale

Singapore – 2.5 Million – Mobile cell phone, first name, last name, facebook i.d. – $950

Argintina – 21 Million – forename middlename surname gender yob province department locality direction establishment address circuit

Brazil – 5 Million – Name Phone Cell Email Address Address 2 Postal Code City

Canadian Consumer Lists and Databases, Phone and Email

France – 5 Million – E-Mail Civilité Prénom Nom Date de naissance Téléphone Téléphone (1) Champ 7 Champ 8 Champ 9 Champ 10 Champ 11 Code postal

Korean-American Mobile Phone 300,000 – HEADER: First Last Title Address Address2 citynameabbr state ZipCode Zip_4 County Phone DOB

South Africa – 500,000 – name1 surname email line4 postcode salary dob job_title

UK Mobile Cell Phone Database Over 7 Million Unique phones.  Actual Header: Number Title Name surname Address1 Address2 Postcode TPS Blacklist KnownDead Deceased BadNames Network

Algeria Mobiles 4.9MM
Argentina Voters 11.384.393
Australia 4MM
Australia Residential 7MM
Austria 4.6MM
Belgium 3.4MM
Belgium 98k
Bosnia 4.6MM
Brazil Landlines 37MM
Brazil Mobiles 26MM
Brazil Net 5.7MM
Brazil Payroll Loans 74.9MM
Brazil Phones 53.7MM
Brazil Social Benefits 6.7MM
Brazil SP Public Worker… 1.2MM
Canada 13.3MM
Dominican Republic 2.8MM
Ecuador 4.4MM
Egypt 5.2MM
Egypt 914k
Finland 4.8MM
France examens 4.8MM
France 4.8MM
France 14.9MM
Germany 27.3MM
Greece 2.2MM
India Job Search 1.4MM
India Voters 753MM
Indonesia 221MM
Iran 758k
Iran Mobiles 39MM
Iran Mobiles 43.3MM
Iraq 6.1MM
Iraq 14k
Iraq 160k
Iraq 970k
Israel 2MM
Jordan 2.6MM
Jordan 5.4MM
Kazakhstan 1.2MM
Kazakhstan 4.8MM
Kosovo 1.7MM
Kyrgystan 2.7MM
Lebanon 3.4MM
Lesotho 1.2MM
Malaysia 3.3MM
Mauritania 1.3MM
Mexico 81MM
Mexico Landlines DF 4.7MM
Mexico Mobiles 18.4MM
Mexico Mobiles 36.6MM
Mexico Mobiles with IM…788.800
New Zealand 855k
Niger 7.5MM
Nigeria 29.7MM
Pakistan 1.4MM
Pakistan 7.4MM
Pakistan 35.7MM
Pakistan Mobiles 94MM
Palestine 1.7MM
Russia 100MM
Saudi Arabia 782k
Senegal 5.3MM
Singapore 912k
Slovakia 11MM
Tanzania 5MM
Turkey 49.6MM
UAE 129k
USA Residential 100MM
Yemen 6.3MM