Mobile/Cell Phone Voice Broadcasting & Voice Messaging


Outbound Ringless Cell Phone Voice Mail Drops and Voice Broadcasting

  • Cellphone does not ring
  • rvm ringless voice mail ringless messagingCellphone owner is not billed
  • A phone call is never made
  • Message dropped into voicemail
  • 100% FCC compliant and legal
  • Message dropped on the back end

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How And Why Mobile Cell Phone Voice Mail Drops Work So Well

The simple solution for getting hundreds, thousands, even millions of calls out almost instantly! Voice Broadcasting Services save the time and expense required in setting up your own equipment. Voice Messaging allows for you within minutes — announcements, security alerts, urgent sales events, Collections reminders, last-minute polling and canvassing, even notes to clients or agents in the field, anywhere around the globe… the possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few applications and industries who already use these cost-effective services:

Business to Business Live Leads. Press 1 campaigns for marketing business services and products to business is an extremely viable and affordable method to get your information to decision makers. We have successfully provided live lead transfers for commercial mortgage, technology products & services, credit card processors, merchant cash advance, business grants and loans, small group health plans, yellow page directories, advertising programs, website development, Search engine marketing, and alarm companies to name a few.

Customer retention programs – offer sale information, loyalty discounts, or announce new services and products! Retailers, credit card companies, airlines, hotels and many more already find it invaluable.

Set and confirm appointments – a reminder to customers of upcoming appointments will keep your calendar full and increase efficiency ten-fold! Doctor’s offices, salons, service centers, anyone with an appointment-dependant business can benefit.

Announcements and Notifications – great for government offices, schools, businesses. Deliver announcements of meetings, make emergency announcements, follow up with reminders… the uses are endless!

Support your direct mail programs – tell customers to look for special offers, alert prospects to important information… techniques proven to double your response rate.

Conduct surveys and polling – and generate meaningful results and reports immediately. Gather opinions, get valuable info on products, do test marketing and more.

Collections – Use Voice Broadcast to deliver payment reminders, past-due notices, alerts and much more.

Delivery notifications – remind customers of pending deliveries. Perfect for furniture stores and other delivery-based businesses.

A Beginners Guide To Voice Mail Broadcasting


  • The automatic dialing machine accurately determines if a live person answers or if it is an answering machine or a phone company intercept.
  • We play one custom voice message to a “live answer” and another custom voice message to answering machines.
  • We leave answering machine messages your prospects will not be able to tell that the message was delivered with an automated machine. It appears as if you took the time to personally call  – they are more likely to listen intently to your message.

Outbound Voice Mail Broadcast allows you to instantly send unlimited numbers of interactive phone calls while managing the entire operation from your browser. A free account walks you through the steps of recording and storing message, managing a call list, scheduling, viewing and downloading real-time campaign results.

Voice Mail Broadcasting is great for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Beginners will love our easy to use voice mail broadcasting dashboard that walks you through the entire process with a Campaign Steps as well as tips from the Expert Helper. Seasoned pros will love the advanced features like prospect targeting, call monitoring, scheduling and rate of call delivery control.


No set up fees, no monthly minimums
Our outbound voice mail broadcasting service has no set up fees or minimum call requirements. Also no charges for busy or non-answered calls.

Instant online set up and execution
Create, schedule and launch a full blown call campaign instantly right from our website. Take a survey or a poll, send notifications, reminders or alerts with our system. Voice mail broadcasting is fast and easy.

Target specific types of  prospects
Optimize your campaign to answering machines, live answers or both. Our system can automatically detect whether a call is answered by a live person or answering machine, and then deliver your message accordingly.

Simple recording options
Record your messages using our dial in service or use your own computer microphone and speakers. You can also easily upload sound files created by professional announcers.

Visual campaign designer
After you have recorded your voice message/s, you can arrange them easily with our easy-to-use campaign designer, which is standard in your dashboard.

Powerful call list management
Our system use’s your existing call lists Microsoft Excel (csv) and Access (dbf) as well as industry standard formats such as ASCII comma delimited (txt).

Schedule broadcasting times
Set broadcast dates and times. Run a campaign at different times in the same day or spread out over multiple days.

Organize messages and call lists into “Campaigns”
Our system automatically organizes your messages and lists into campaigns. Campaigns are then  scheduled, modified, reused and compared to each other to show you the results you want.

Webpage based campaign control
Start, stop, pause, speed up or slow down campaigns from your online account.

Transfer to live operator
Allows those who hear your message the ability to press a key and the call is routed to the phone number of your choice.

Call branching
Build a simple or a detailed call design – as needed. Voice mail broadcasting call flow can be controlled by the recipients input, branching to a specific point based on the recipient’s key presses. Branch off specific key presses, no key presses or incorrect key presses.

Key press verification
When a call recipient presses one or more keys in response to a voice prompt, you can also have the key presses spoken back to the call recipient, with the option for the call recipient to re-enter or accept.

List management

Transfer recipients to the phone number of your choice – perfect for “press 0 for a live operator” applications. Our powerful transfer management system automatically pauses dialing when all of your available operators are occupied and then resumes dialing as soon as one becomes available.

Auto re-dial of unsuccessful calls
Calls not answered are automatically re-dialed free of charge. You can choose additional re-dialing with our one click re-dial feature.

Reporting of caller response with key press
Real-time reporting captures all key presses which allows you to identify responses. Also, responses are matched up with the information from your list, making it easy to identify which recipients produced which responses. Download your voice broadcasting results in csv format.

Opt in, opt out control
Allows you to design your campaign in a way that asks recipients permission to play your voice message. Based on recipients key press, the message is either played or the call is terminated. All reports are provided in real time to insure effective record keeping for those who have opted in or out.

Auto do not call list management
Professional do not call list management tools allows you to honor the request to opt out of future calls.  Recipients can add themselves to your do not call list (DNC)  by pressing a key during the call. Also, you can upload your existing do not call list into your account and our system automatically removes any number on the do not call list from all of your future campaigns.

Automatic removal of duplicate numbers
This feature ensures that you do not send calls to the same recipients and saves you money by removing these numbers from you list prior to launching your campaign.

Voice Merge
Personalize messages to the intended recipient. Includes reminders, rates, names, numbers and more.

Webpage based autodialer
More powerful than the most expensive dialing system. Easier to use than a traditional autodialer. Best of all no auto-dialer or similar equipment is needed to use our system.

Personalized service
Our voice broadcast account rep will take the time to get you started using our system and will continue to support your needs for an ongoing basis.

Telephone or email support
Detailed assistance and technical support is available via email and telephone, with a quick response time.  Our policy is that the customer always comes first.

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