Our Culture and Our Belief Is To Give Back To Our Fellow Humans

When we think of the word FREE, many ideas and images can be brought to mind.

We thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to our AWESOME DATA via the easiest way known to man – FREE!!!

We endorse the universal spirit of GIVING, and recognize it as a part of the foundation of our business.

Expanding our thinking of “who else can we give freely to” we have discovered the following 4 ways that we can enable you with our lists, in the easiest way possible.

Here are the 4 ways to get a FREE lead list from List57:

Get a FREE Custom Sample – Only Pay Handling.

Weekly “FREE LIST” Drawing.

Use Lists For FREE With Purchase of Any Marketing Service.

Affiliate With Us and Earn FREE Lists and Commissions.

1. Get a sample of any file we own

We don’t offer some beat up file where everyone gets sent the same leads.  No, our List Professional will help you pinpoint the right file and hand-carve a piece of that list off and personally send it to you.  Real leads.  Real customer service.  Real overhead.  So we just ask that you pay for the time our associate will invest in your business.  We only ask you to cover the wages of the employee who will be working with your personally.  Our small fee of $19.95 allows you to get the very best list on the market with really no risk.

2. FREE Weekly List Giveaway

Every Tuesday we pick a member of our email list and offer a $200 list ABSOLUTELY FREE!!  Just join our email list and you can be the next person chosen. 


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3. Get your list FREE with RVM or other services

Ringless Voice Mail (RVM) provides a way to reach your target audience unencumbered by any current restrictions. Drop a message onto a businesses cell phone voicemail inbox and they will be calling you!

This method avoids TCPA restrictions because the message is delivered directly the the message server in much the same way email works. When the person gets a notification or checks their inbox they hear your offer and many just return the call without checking.

Most importantly, consider that it is most likely for a cell phone number to be attached to a business principle. Most large businesses have landlines or softphones so a cell number has a great chance of being a decision maker. 

4. Partner with us to help your downline, your tribe, your list, your followers with great marketing lists.

affiliate handshake free listNetwork marketing organizations (MLM) will often use the same scripts and product value ladders. It seems obvious to us that they should also be using the same lists or types of leads. Sharing scripts and sales tactics helps to isolate problems, solutions and opportunities for any marketing group. Simply, the metrics will match up better when using leads from the same source. We offer as much as 100% off (FREE) to the leader of any sales group.

Let us know how you think we could work together. We can set up a landing page for you to send your peeps. Or have them mention that you sent them. Or what are your ideas to make this work..?