List57 Affiliate Programs (FREE lists!)

Affiliate programs are quite different at List57 from the rest of the internet. Usually the way these programs work is: someone puts a link in their website to a page or buy box on our website. Then, they get a small commission from us once a sale is completed. Cookies are used to track the traffic and the affiliate linking to our site gets a check or a credit to purchase items from us.

The drawback with affiliate programs is that they produce low conversions when a product or service is not pre-sold on the affiliate’s site. Many marketers may believe a sale is a sale and the more the merrier when it comes to inbound traffic. However, there is now a strong trend towards pre-selling and pre-nurturing contacts that degrades the value of internet affiliate marketing. Importantly, having an uncontrolled message which is controlling inbound traffic may cause more harm than good.

For List57, the answer is to get back to basics in developing business relationships…

We want to keep it simple by offering discounts and free leads in response to referrals to our site. Our goal is to save people money and create more value in our products and services.

Affiliate Offer Number 1: Tell ’em “[your name] sent me!”

This is the old standby that’s been used for millennia. The person you refer gets 10% off their purchase (as a motivator to mention you) and you get 10% for each person you refer. 

Affiliate Offer Number 2: Send us your downline

Network marketing organizations (MLM) will often use the same scripts and product value ladders. It seems obvious to us that they should also be using the same lists or types of leads. Sharing scripts and sales tactics helps to isolate problems, solutions and opportunities for any marketing group. Simply, the metrics will match up better when using leads from the same source. We offer as much as 100% off (FREE) to the leader of any sales group.

Please add yourself to our Affiliate List. If there is someone you have already sent our way (recently), include their name in the message input and we will apply their discount.


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