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3 Typed of Mortgage Leads Available

1. Solid Mortgage Leads

2. Exclusive FHA Mortgage Leads

3. Internet Optin Mortgage Leads


Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Are you looking to purchase FHA Mortgage leads?

We specialize in providing you with real time live exclusive FHA mortgage leads. You are the only person that will ever get this FHA lead. That’s right, all of our FHA mortgage leads are 100% exclusive! unlike virtually every lead source on the Internet which constantly recycles leads and resells them many times.   

Lead generation sites typically start exclusive leads at $65-$75 a piece.  This can get very expensive in today’s tough qualifying market. We understand this market and know that lead acquisition cost is important.  We offer our FHA Mortgage leads at a fraction of the amount of our competition and go one step further offering our FHA mortgage leads in real time. No gimmicks, no sales person hounding you.  Remember, the moment the lead fills out the request it will be sent directly to you.

FHA Lead Creation

Our FHA Mortgage Leads are generated from our rich content. Our leads come directly to us we don’t trick them in any way or use lead aggregators or other programs to stuff leads!  They are truly interested in an FHA loan.  Our FHA leads find us naturally online through normal search engines because they are searching for an FHA Loan that can help them purchase or refinance their home.

  • They have a needs for this type of loan and are looking for someone to help them though the process.
  • We do not trickery or gimmicks to get applications.

Our leads 100% guaranteed accurate.  The customer filled out the request.  Nothing has been modified.  You are getting the real customer information.

  • They have initiated the contact and are requesting to be contacted even if they are on the DNC registry.
  • These leads are a mix of purchase and refinance, with a higher percentage of purchases.
  • High contact rate

FHA Mortgage Lead Distribution

  •  Distributed in real time
  •  Never re-sold or recycled!

Live FHA Mortgage Leads = Exclusivity! That means you are not competing for business with, say 4 other lenders! You would not be chasing leads that have been called 10 or more times by other lenders and ultimately go nowhere with that lead! You will have a good lead that wants to talk to you! This translates to more closings and ultimately more money for you!

FHA Lead Pricing

We are directly licensed in all 50 states and meet all CFPB requirements to offer leads to lenders, brokers and credit repair companies.

Here are our core and readily available products:

Initial Purchase – $40 per lead 

– FHA/VA/Conventional

– Exclusive, long form mortgage leads w/live call transfer attempt on every lead

– Call attempt to transfer – All leads 

– All leads generated In-House. No 3rd party leads, ever

– Lead volume available in 50 states

Refinance And Loan Modification – $60 per transfer

– Call center verified and transferred leads in real time

– FHA/VA/Conventional

– Local call center

The process is simple. When you purchase our real time, exclusive, long-form leads, we make calls in real time from our New York-based call center.

When we get an interested prospect on the line, we ask 8 specific questions designed to find you the most qualified Buyers and transfer them to you live.

Once Buyers are pre-qualified, you introduce those hot leads to your Agents and Officers. This is the kind of quality referral that allows you to attract and retain the Top 1-2% of Agents in your market.

If this solution feels like a good fit for you, we can set up a call with one of our managing partner’s who will go over all the details.

Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification Leads

These high-value mortgage leads disclose every bit of information about the mortgage and the applicants themselves, no holds barred. They are all guaranteed to give the right details since they all came from credible sources.

The amount of details that you can get from the mortgage leads also allows you to fine-tune your transactions and tailor your strategies for every category that suits to their income and financial status. You don’t need to look further; they’re all here at incredibly down-to-earth prices.


Our Price: $1397.00

150,000 Total Records

Records Come With:

Applicant Name
Co-Applicant Name (If Available)
Property Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Property Type
Current Value
Mortgage Balance
First Mortgage Rate (If Available)
Best Time To Call
Loan Amount
Loan Type (Refi/Cash Out/etc)
Email Address

File Format: Multiple .csv (Microsoft Excel) Files

These are genuine leads of consumers who want to modify their loans. These folks are interested in either pulling cash out of the equity they have in their home, or they want to reduce their current payment. can connect you to these prospects to help them take care of their Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification issues.

We specialize in providing fresh, real-time Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification leads. The best thing about our fresh Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification is that all the leads have been pre-screened and ultra fresh.

Our leads are effective for your customer care solutions, along with the flawless timing. Our lead capture and distribution infrastructure allows us to provide you with the highest quality leads anywhere.

We are leaders in providing successful leads that are reordered week after week, because they bring in the positive ROI consistently to mortgage refi companies.

Our Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification Leads are developed through online strategies including keyword search, email online strategies and others

These leads are perfect for firms looking for a consistent marketing strategy that delivers a steady flow of leads that convert into sales on a predictable basisOur Loan Modification Leads are sold on a real-time basis which means that the leads you buy are sold only to you.  One of the greatest advantages of our Loan Modification Leads is your ability to reach prospects at both a phone number and an email, which can be one of the most powerful marketing techniques of our time.

We work with companies that focus on providing Loan Modification to their customers, and many are doing extremely well with our leads and order them weekly.

We deliver your fresh Loan Modification Leads via email or can be posted into your CRM solution.

Cash-In With The Loan Mod Explosion – Order Your Fresh Set of Mortgage Refinance Loan Modification Leads.

Loan Modification Leads Fresh

Mortgage Refinance Leads Internet Optins

Fresh Mortgage Refinance Leads for sale. People are constantly buying and selling their homes and investment properties, so there is a huge flowing river of money going towards financing cars.  Our list of Mortgage Refinance Leads put you in contact with the people who are currently seeking mortgage financing.

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes for Mortgage Refinance needs.