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Currently, people are buying boatloads of bitcoin and crypto-currencies. There is a constant flow of crypto buyers.  Our lists of Bitcoin users and crypto-currency buyer leads put you in contact with bitcoin buyers now!

We provide genuine leads of consumers who buy Bitcoin and other crypto-currency. Our lead-capture and distribution infrastructure allows us to provide you with the highest quality leads anywhere.

At List57, we are leaders in providing successful leads that are reordered week after week. Our lists bring in the positive ROI to bitcoin  related companies. Our Bitcoin Users and Crypto-currency Buyers Leads are sold on a real-time basis. The leads you buy are fresh and ready to be contacted.

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   One of the greatest advantages of our bitcoin leads is your ability to reach prospects via their very best email address…one of the most powerful marketing techniques of our time.

According to Huffington Post, statistics show that email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates; returning over forty times your investment!

That’s not bad, right?

We work with companies that focus on providing bitcoin and crypto-currency solutions to their customers. Our leads are perfect for firms looking for a consistent marketing strategy that delivers a steady flow of leads with predictable conversion rates. 

We deliver your fresh Bitcoin users and crypto-currency buyer leads via email in csv format.

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Worldwide Bitcoin Users / Cryptocurrency Buyers

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Almost a half million bitcoin users with a wide array of contact information available. Another worldwide offer that can get your bitcoin campaign reaching out and connecting with 456,000 potential buyers.

Bitcoin Users / Cryptocurrency Buyers

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First Name,Last Name,Email,Phone,IP,IP Country,Country Full,Country Code,Country Phone,County Name,Deposit,Volume,Profit,Withdrawal

Country Count
India 133988
Turkey 84860
Italy 25036
France 21304
South Africa 19035
Saudi Arabia 18752
Germany 14607
Japan 13553
Spain 9881
Brazil 9628
Canada 6455
Uzbekistan 5737
Colombia 4954
United Kingdom 3886
Great Britain 3417
Portugal 3415
United Arab Emirates 3232
Nigeria 3203
United States 3024
Indonesia 2961
Egypt 2703
Kuwait 2598
Singapore 2501
Jordan 2269
Belgium 2217
Chile 2128
Romania 2114
Pakistan 1898
Malaysia 1895
Israel 1881
Switzerland 1786
Monaco 1727
Holy See (Vatican) 1705
Ukraine 1642
Austria 1631
Russian Federation 1515
Mexico 1215
Australia 1202
Morocco 1181
Quatar 1024
Venezuela 998
Netherlands 952
Cypress 939
Bangladesh 866
Iran 822
China 771
Thailand 770
Sweden 728
Viet Nam 721
Bahrain 715
Oman 715
Argentina 690
Ecuador 647
Algeria 646
Hungary 621
Bulgaria 605
Poland 604
Chile 567
Lebanon 535
Phillipines 502
Ireland 481
New Zealand 479
Peru 458
Tunisia 448
Denmark 437
Greece 437
Hong Kong 435
Norway 435
Sri Lanka 434
Kenya 379
Syria 377
Nepal 364
Azerbaijan 347
Korea 327
Iraq 298
Kazakhstan 289
Czech Republic 278
Costa Rica 262
Panama 257
Finland 248
Lithuania 247
Paraguay 232
Uruguay 232
Ghana 227
Yemen 222
Uganda 188
Latvia 170
Belarus 164
Slovenia 157
Sudan 153
Slovakia 153
Bolivia 150
Moldova 148
Georgia 140
Libya 137
Dominican Republic 132
Benin 131
Brunei 129
Cameroon 127
Guadelupe 124
Estonia 122
Taiwan 119
Cambodia 118
Puerto Rico 114
Luxembourg 112
Guatemala 105
Palestine 100
Albania 96
Afghanistan 92
Croatia 91
Macedonia 91
Mongolia 90
Malta 84
Senegal 84
Nicaragua 81
Namibia 73
Angola 72
Maritius 72
Myanmar 71
Iceland 69
El Savador 69
Honduras 68
Serbia 61
Zimbabwe 61
Yugoslavia 60
Jamaica 57
Swaziland 57
Zambia 55
Madagascar 53
Cuba 52
Fiji 52
Burkina Faso 51
Haiti 51
Trinidad and Tobago 50
Armenia 49
Turkmenistan 48
Tanzania 46
Maldives 44
Togo 44
New Caledonia 41
Mozambique 36
Martinique 33
French Polynesia 33
Aruba 32
Lao PDR 30
San Marino 29
Belize 28
Djibouti 27
Sierra Leone 26
Gibraltar 25
Kyrgyzstan 25
Gabon 24
Greenland 24
Grenada 23
Guinea 23
Ethiopia 22
Norfolk Island 21
Zaire 20
Bhutan 19
Mali 19
Netherlands Antilles 18
Liechtenstein 18
Congo 17
Lesotho 17
Mauritania 17
Gambia 16
Guam 16
Vanuatu 16
Liberia 15
Macao 14
Seychelles 14
Tonga 14
Papua New Guinea 12
Somalia 12
Burundi 11
Equatorial Guinea 11
Cayman Islands 11
Malawi 11
Suriname 11
Eritrea 10
Comoros 10
Rwanda 10
Chad 10
Guyana 9
Tajikistan 9
Tuvalu 9
St. Vincent + Grenadines 9
Antigua + Barbuda 8
Central African Republic 8
Soloman Islands 8
Dominica 7
St. Pierre + Miquelon 7
Palau 7
Barbados 6
Guinea-Bissau 6
Saint Lucia 6
Niue 6
Sao Tome + Principe 6
British Virgin Islands 6
Bermuda 5
Northern Mariana Islands 5
US Virgin Islands 5
Montenegro 4
Marshall Islands 4
Cabo Verde 3
Micronesia 3
British Indian Ocean Territory 3
St. Kitts + Nevis 3
Nauru 3
Mayotte 3
Cook islands 2
Kiribati 2
Svalbard + Jan Mayen 2
Tokelau 2
East Timor 2
Wallis + Futuna 2
Burma 1
Falkland Islands 1
Korea 1
Montserrat 1
Turks + Caicos 1
ufx 1
Total 456938

Another way to target bitcoin users…

Our bitcoin lists are the best way to target bitcoin user because they have been generated in bitcoin environments. The people on the lists are miners, have purchased or are interested in crypto-currency. However, there is more than one way to cook an omelette!

We can see who is using bitcoin by looking at studies such as CoinDesk’s survey of 4000 bitcoin users. The survey found that bitcoin users were almost all young, white males. Half were from the USA. We have lists such as Bizopps Data Leads or MLM 24-7 Cash Generator that can be filtered to reach that demographic.

On the other hand, the CoinDesk survey is for 4000 people and one list above has 456,000. Of that, 3000 are in the USA. We can see our 456k full records list contains at least 1000 more USA bitcoin users! Additionally, our list is spread all over the globe which attests to the popularity of the amazing bitcoin phenomenon.

Bitcoin Full Header

5000 bitcoin users full recordsWe can produce a list of 5000 crypto-currency users with full records from the 456k list: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, IP Address, IP Country, Country Full, Country Code, Country Phone, County, Deposit, Volume, Profit, Withdrawal**. What is even more exciting is we can do that for any country worldwide! We can see the majority of our contacts on the 456k list are from India and targeting the USA might not be the best thing to do with it. However, We can build a North American list including some of Canada or Mexico. Likewise other regions such as Europe, Asia or South America may be targeted this way. And what’s not to like? Targeted leads with full records at a great price!

** Not all fields present in every record

Targeted Full Records...

Here are some examples. It takes a bit of work to extract a specific demographic from one of our larger lists so the price represents some of our efforts to produce just what you are looking for.

bitcoin United States of America2500 USA Bitcoin Users Full Header $100

This list is just cut from the 456K list. It is an inexpensive way to target a few bitcoin users to test your campaign. There is scant data for the currency part. Otherwise the info is all there to supply a multi-channel campaign.

Hong Kong Bitcoin buyers400 Hong Kong Bitcoin Users Full Header $100

Even though Hong Kong is packed to the rafters with entrepreneurs we found only 400 in our 456k list. We can see the price tells more about what it takes to find people. However, we are constantly getting more lists and working on improving our technology. Then, we can pass on the savings to you.

Australia bitcoin users and buyers1200 Australian Bitcoin Users Full Header $100

Yes, they speak English but it is different than the USA or anywhere. There are 6 foot lizards that jump out of trees to catch their prey right next to the jogging trails…and no one raises an eyebrow. Nice place for your next business adventure!

Bitcoin or Bust! Their Contacts are Your Leads

Anyone who is engaged in commerce should be familiar with the boom-town phenomenon. Someone strikes gold or oil and everyone goes nuts trying to tap into it. Then come the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Jobs, Gates, Zuckerbergs…and Nakamoto to make a “proper” business out of it. In between all that there are the grub-sellers, launderers, bush-whackers, hackers and busted claims. Some get knocked off the bucking booming trend and that’s what we have here.

Everyone in marketing knows your contacts are your business. Most claim their contacts as assets to be held or sold and include that in their terms and conditions. You know…that part we never read? Likewise, when things go bad that is the first part to be sold to pay off debts or get a one-way bus ticket to Puerto Vallarta. That’s where List57 comes in. We have their lists! The logos you see here are a few of them. Some of them more than a million email addresses of bitcoin users. Anyone interested?

Big Data Bitcoin Merge

The boss got a great idea the other day. With all the big data hoopla going on let’s smash a couple of our multi-gigabyte lists together and see what we can find. We found 3.9 million USA full header consumer optins that are also on our 153 million worldwide bitcoin users email list. The header includes: Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Optin IP, Sex, DOB. The gender and date of birth information is scant but the rest is all there; allowing multi-channel access to almost 4 million bitcoin users. We can look at it another way. Since bitcoin users are about 80 or 90% white, educated and young we can add adventurous which creates a special demographic for many products. We are really excited about this list!

Also available is a 1 mil random pick from the 3.9 mil list. We make it random so you don’t end up with 1 mil USA bitcoin users with names from A to G.

Can’t find your list? Please hit our request free quote button and we will find it for you.