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Business Opportunity Buyers
The Best Kind Of BizOpp Seeker


Now this is the kind of business opportunity seeker you like to work with – these are the bizopp buyers!!  These folks spent $10 to buy a Business Opportunity e-book that is an introduction package to learn how to start a home-based or internet business.  They aren’t tire kickers, they pull out the plastic when it comes to funding their money making goals and dreams.

No matter what you are selling online, your chances are much higher that these business opportunity buyers will actually take action, than with a regular list of bizop seekers.  These people are actively looking, researching and buying the things they feel they need to increase their income.  And when it comes to increasing their income, people can become pretty “locked-into” a product that is appealing.

This is really the closest thing to a ready made list of buyers.  These folks are just an email away from being a buyer of your products.

The really great part is the fact that you now own the list and can “drip” on these super-qualified internet marketers until eventually they will all buy from you.

ORDER HERE – Our Latest Online Opportunity Buyers Leads

2,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $100Buy Now

20,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $500Buy Now

40,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $900Buy Now

There are approximately 40,000 of these available, unique and fresh, every week.  Order your batch today.

NOW AVAILABLE: Premium BizOpp Buyers Leads

The Premium Buyers Leads fill out a longer form and are put through a few pages before it becomes a lead—the regular ones just buy an ebook and fill out nothing. We had a client try regular Buyer Leads (above) about 4 times and didn’t do as well as she needed. She asked me to find out what would really work.  My supplier said Premium Buyer Leads. She tried them – BINGO!! These work like a champ for her – like they will for you.

1,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $150Buy Now

1,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – Income Ovr $50k per year  – $200Buy Now

1,000 Business Opportunity Buyers Pick Your State/s – $170Buy Now

5,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $700Buy Now

10,000 Business Opportunity Buyers – $1200Buy Now

Your list will be emailed to you within a few minutes in csv text format.

ALSO NOW – BULK BizOpp Buyers Leads

We have been accumulating this BizOp Buyers file for about one year now.  So we have combined them all together to come up with a huge list of over 125,000 of our best Business Opportunity leads.  Each record has name, address, phone and email address.  We sell this entire file for only $495.  A truly outstanding value for this cherry database.

125,000 Biz Opp Buyers Bulk List – $495 – Buy Now

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