Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database

Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service
and Haulers List and Database

Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and DatabaseDoes your business market a product or service to truckers, movers, delivery services or haulers?  If yes, then we have the perfect list for you to be able to contact them.  Introducing our Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database.

This list contains all the information you need to successfully market to these businesses.  Each record includes the business type, business name, address, phone, (some) fax, email, (most) website URL, and contact person.

This list is in stock and will be emailed to you, usually within minutes of placing your order.  It comes in csv plain text format, opens easily in excel or any spreadsheet or processor.

Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database – Get your copy here now.

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Your list will be in emailed to you in csv format, usually within a few minutes of your purchase.

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Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database – A Few Facts

Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database thelistwizA truck driver, is an individual who earns a living as the driver of a truck, often a semi truck, box truck, or dump truck. Truck drivers offer a necessary service to industrialized societies by transporting finished products and raw materials over land, usually to and from producing plants, retail and distribution centres.

the US employs a truck classification system, and truck drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver’s License ( CDL ) to operate a CMV with a gross auto weight rating above 26,000 pounds. For passenger bus drivers, a current first aid certificate and passenger endorsement is also needed. Somebody must be at least eighteen years old to get a CDL. Drivers under age twenty-one are restricted to operating inside their state of licensing ( intrastate operation ).

Many major trucking firms require driver candidates to be at least twenty-three years old, with a year of expertise, while others will hire and train new drivers so long as they have got a clean driving history. Truck weights are monitored for boundaries compliance by state authorities at a weigh station. Commercial motor automobiles are liable to various state and Fed. laws about limitations on truck length ( measured from fender to fender ), width, and truck spindle length ( measured from spindle to spindle or 5th wheel to spindle for trailers ). The connection between spindle weight and spacing, called the Fed Bridge Gross Weight Formula, is intended to protect bridges. The standard 18-wheeler is composed of 3 spindle groups : a single front ( steering ) spindle, the tandem ( twin ) drive spindles, and the tandem trailer spindles.

The Federal Road Administration ( FHWA ) division of the US Dept of Transport ( US DOT ) manages the length, width, and weight limits of CMVs. Interstate commercial truck traffic is usually restricted to a net of interstate freeways and state roads called the Nationwide Network ( NN ). The nation’s Network is composed of ( one ) the Interstate Road System and ( two ) roads, previously categorized as First System routes, capable of safely handling bigger commercial motor automobiles, as warranted by states to FHWA. State weight and length boundaries ( that might be smaller or bigger than Fed.

There is not any Fed height limit, and states may set their own boundaries which go from 13 feet six inches to fourteen feet. As a consequence, the height of most trucks range between thirteen ‘ and fourteen ‘.

In 2006, the US trucking industry in total employed 3.4 million drivers. A major issue for the long-haul trucking industry is a significant percentage of these drivers are ageing, and are anticipated to step down.

Only a few new hires are predicted in the future, leading to a driver shortage. Now , in the long-haul sector, there’s a computed dearth of twenty thousand drivers.

That lack is predicted to extend to 111,000 by 2014. Worker turnover in the long-haul trucking industry is well-known for being very high. In the fourth quarter of 2005, turnover in the biggest carriers in the business reached a record 136%, that means for each 100 drivers hired, 136 drivers give up their roles. Thanks to the high demands of the job drivers are known to work for months at a time, without taking any days off to go back home.

Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database thelistwizLong-haul company drivers often earn as little as one day off for each week of work ,eg working for a month and taking 4 days off. Regional drivers ( who frequently drive dedicated routes between the same locations ) often work 5 days every week, and receive weekends off. LTL ( Less Than Wagonload ) drivers frequently work ordinary hours and do not sleep in their trucks, having nights ( or days, dependent on the shift worked ) and weekends off. From 19921995, truck drivers had a higher total number of deaths than any other occupation, accounting for 12% of all work related deaths.

Van drivers are 5 times more sure to die in a work related accident than the average employee. The dangerous actions of vehicle drivers are a contributing element in about seventy % of the deadly crashes concerning trucks.

More public cognizance of the simplest way to share the road safely with huge trucks is required.

Truck drivers regularly spend their nights parked at a truck stop, rest area, or on the shoulder of a driveway ramp. Infrequently these are in isolated areas or perilous areas, which account for a bunch of deaths due to drivers being singled out by burglars for their valuable load or money. Tarps can weigh up to one hundred lbs each and the cargo can need up to three tarps per load which accounts for a considerable number of deaths and wounds from falling. Drivers spend boring hours behind the wheel, which could cause load on the back muscles.

Most truck drivers are employed as over-the-road drivers, meaning they’re employed to drive long distances from the place of pickup to the place of delivery. But the few drivers who are employed to drive only inside urbanized areas don’t have this benefit of passing more time away from poisonous emissions that’s enjoyed by over-the-road drivers. So as to address the perils relative to driver fatigue, many nations have laws limiting the quantity of time truck drivers can work.

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Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database

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Truckers, Movers, Delivery Service and Haulers List and Database