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Build your existing business or start a new business in one of the most profitable niches on the Internet, marketing leads. With over 500,000 fresh leads arriving weekly – that’s over 2 million leads a month, you can make unlimited income from this one amazing lead feed.

Multiple Lists / Multiple Sources


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Consumer Opt In Leads

  • Sell products to thousands of consumers who are delivered to you on a weekly basis.

  • All USA Leads

    One of the best high-end USA leads available.


Millions Of New Leads Every Month

  • A Never-Ending Supply Of Leads

    Get new leads weekly for as long as you keep your account. There are over 1/2 million new leads every week.


Fast Searches And Downloads

Find the leads you want fast and download them from our ultra fast file server.

  • New Leads Delivered Weekly

    Your never-ending supply of leads is refreshed weekly with new data.


Only 4 Accounts Are Available

Your leads will be responsive and your customers will be happy. With only 4 accounts being sold, your leads will be more exclusive than some “exclusive” leads sold by other lead brokers.


The Individual Lead Feed Descriptions


Business Opportunity Seeker 1 – This feed delivers over 50k leads weekly. There are several sources for the data including some survey leads.

Business Opportunity Seeker 2 – The 2nd business opportunity lead feed delivers from 10k to 20k weekly and is delivered once a week. These leads are verified after they are generated and are an extremely effective lead to build any type of business online.

The Combined Coregistration Feed – This feed delivers close to 5 million leads a week. These coregistration leads come from various sources and is a great feed for people with mass email marketing capabilities.

Coregistration Lead Feed 2 – Approximately 2 Million leads per week. These files are coregistration leads. Combined with our other coregistration feed you will be receiving nearly 7 million leads per week.

The GenX Opt In Feed – This is an opt in general internet lead feed that is delivered once a week. You will receive from 3 to 6 million new leads each week. This is a very popular opt in lead feed for email marketers.

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High End Feed – Partial Buyer Leads – These are people who have gone through a sales funnel and have made it to the order button but did not actually pay for the information product. Like the buyer leads, delivery of this lead is based on our customer orders.

High End Feed – CS Consumer Data – This feed delivers around 150k high end consumer leads weekly. These leads are delivered in 5 files of 35k scrubbed leads and are delivered once a week. This is another great consumer opt in lead feed.

ARTL Survey Leads – The ARTL feed delivers from 8k to 12k short form survey leads weekly. These are highly responsive business opportunity leads with the answers to from 2 to 4 questions about the type of opportunity each person is looking for.

Long Form Survey Leads – This feed delivers around 10k long form survey leads every week. The survey questions include, gender, birthdate, level of interest, reason for searching, amount needed to earn, amount willing to invest and how much time they are willing to invest.