Subscription For Flat Rate Marketing Lists and Leads

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List57 now offers 4 different monthly subscriptions that you can purchase for “flat rate” lists and leads.

Here are the 4 subscriptions available:

  1. B2B. Business Phone Lists. Landlines and/or mobile cell phones.
  2. B2C. Consumer Phone Lists. Landlines and/or mobile cell phones.
  3. Email Opt In Consumers. Set amount delivered weekly.
  4. Wildcard – get a copy of what we sold.


We get MONTHLY UPDATES to our data – it is the freshest, and most accurate available on our B2B and B2C files.

FLAT RATE PRICING – All the data you could use in a month.


Business Landlines – Up to 50K records per day.

Business Mobile – Up to 15K records per day.


Consumer Landlines or Mobile – Up to 300K records per day.

You can email your request 5 days per week. We will email you a link to download the data.

B2B OR B2C – Flat Rate One Month = $995 or BOTH for $1495.


Fresh Email, Optins

You will receive 500,000 fresh new optins every week, or 2 Million per month.

Flat Rate – Only $795 per month.

Learn more here.


A Copy of EVERYTHING We Order Fresh

Every month we order lists for clients. We make a copy available afterwards. You can now buy a monthly flat rate subscription fee to gain an automatic copy of ALL the files.

Every list we order, you get a copy – Only $995 per month. The previous month is $795. OR buy any one of the months beyond – Only $595 each.

Learn more here.