7 Major Advantages of Ringless Voicemail

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Looking for a new way to generate more sales? Ringless voicemail is one of the hottest marketing trends today. Learn why in our latest post!

Looking for a way to reach your customers in a TCPA compliant way?

You need not look further! There is a new technology in town.

Ringless Voicemail has opened the world of advertisement and marketing to a completely new set of opportunities.

But, What Is It All About?

It is a technology that allows you to leave an automated message on the consumer’s cell phone without causing their phone to ring. Ringless Voicemail is the solution that could put an end to the problem of annoying automated telemarketing calls and customer dissatisfaction that results from it. In a time when customer satisfaction is the biggest determinant of your success, it is essential to ensure that your business activities do not generate complaints.

There are a number of reasons why using it could give you a leading edge in your field of work…

The Seven Major Advantages of Ringless Voicemail:

1. It’s Free!

Unlike how a traditional call works, this medium of telecommunication uses a phone call software and the voicemail system. No phone call is ever really made which means that the customer is never charged. Your message is placed on the voicemail server and your business is only charged for the messages that have been delivered.This ensures compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Guidelines.

2. No More Interruptions.

There is nothing more annoying than an automated robocall. You never have to worry about that when using this form of contact. One big reason why Ringless Voicemail is a favored form of telemarketing is that it doesn’t cause the consumer’s phone to ring. Which basically means zero interruption. Why rough the contact up before they become a prospect? We can just slip into their back pocket and wait until they are ready and willing to chat with us.

3. A Higher Rate of Returned Calls.

Using this innovation has led to a percentage increase in the number of consumers who call back to respond to the message.

And because they do it at their convenience, they are very clear of what they wish to talk about!

4. Prioritizes Consumer’s Convenience.

Most messages that use this form of communication are Zortman Style. They are straightforward and to the point. And that results in them having a high listenability rate.

Another reason why they are a success is that the consumers, at no point, feel pressured. They listen to the message when they feel like it.

And because they are nothing like your automated broadcast calls, the response rate is higher too.

5. In Compliance with the TCPA/FCC

TCPA and FCC Guidelines are very specific and their violation could result in you being fined.

But that should not be of concern. Ringless Voicemail is compliant with TCPA guidelines due to its customer-oriented approach.

6. Reduced Chances of a Human Error

The standard messages leave no room for human errors or miscommunication on any front.

7. Reaches a Higher Number of Target Customers in Very Less Time

When compared to the other forms of telecommunication, Ringless Voicemail service can cater to a huge number of consumers in a very limited amount of time.

And one reason not to…

Some people don’t appreciate our efforts to provide marketing content in a non-invasive format. This article in the New York Times cites many who feel that any effort to leverage a lead generation system is insidious and harmful. Ringless Voicemail is currently under attack but it like the rest of the internet will likely remain the Wild Wild West (WWW). At List 57 we can clearly see Ringless Messaging as a crucial marketing tool and extremely useful for government infrastructure and politics. Can we say it is necessary for modern life as we know it? Sure…why not? Furthermore, using one of our cell phone or double optin lists negates any worries associated with TCPA compliance. Even better…you can follow up if they don’t respond: “Hey there! Did you get my message?”

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