Mobile Cell Phone Optins Of
BizOpp Business Opportunity Seekers

This could be the most responsive BizOpp list you have EVER USED…

Bizopps seekers are looking for their next opportunity. It might be something they already produce. Perhaps they are searching and not sure where their next business will pop up on the internet e-commerce scoreboard. Bizopp seeker leads all contain one variable: The person is interested in learning as much as they can about getting started in business or starting a new one.

Individual response can be gauged by the nature and type of opt-in. Mobile optins are more effective because of the legal constraints regarding texts and data usage. Subscribers must ask to be included in a list and receive offers by text or voice message. The aura of security provided by laws against cell phone spam encourage people to whip their phone out and check their messages automatically…habitually!

This is an incredibly powerful way to market because people check their text messages so often. Think about it. Even in states where it is illegal you will see people checking their phones at the stop light and on the highway. We don’t recommend or condone this type of behavior by any means! It is just an illustration of how connected we all are. We can safely say that mobile bizopps is the best way to contact a responsive segment of bizopp seekers.

Our lists contain: Name, address, mobile/cell phone, email, IP, date/time and will be emailed to you in csv format.


>  Under 30 days – (14-28 days) $1000 per million – 5 million minimum

>  3-6 months old – $3500 per million

>  6-12 months – 10 million – $3500