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These Lists Are Easily The Most Affordable and Economical Way to Contact Thousands or Millions of Penny Stock Investors and Day Traders

Penny Stock Investors Lists For Sale

The databases on this page below MAY CONTAIN Accredited Investors, but they cannot be targeted.  This page is offering databases that we have bought or traded for and then below that are the “opt-ins to an investment website”.  If you would like to target Accredited Investors only, visit our Accredited Invesors page here.

Penny Stock Investors, Day Traders, fresh, real time, List57.comList57.com now receives a weekly feed of investor lists, stock promotion leads and investment prospects lists from several prominent investor websites and portals.  We carry fresh, new stock promotion leads or aged investment prospects.

This is the most current list of investors available for 2016.  Do you want to communicate directly to the folks who are CURRENTLY looking to do investing.  With our full-record investors list you get 3 different ways to reach out to these prospects:  Mailing Address, Phone and Email. One of the key features of this list is the fact that you own your copy of the list.  You get to choose how you contact them – mail, phone, email – and how many times you use it.

We accumulate new leads every single week – all with full records. If you need a “Big Bang” for your marketing buck, this is the list for you.

This is the best value in investors lists, and at an incredible bargain price – we pass our volume pricing on to you. Here is the actual header for the list, these are the fields that are included with every record:


The URL is the website where they actually signed up.  The source of this list are some of the biggest stock websites on the internet.

Here are some of the sites these leads are from:

  • cbsmarketwatch.com
  • pennystockgains.com
  • tradeking.com
  • buystocks.com
  • morningstar.com
  • dailystocks.com

We will send you the most recent leads or we can select by location or url.


p.s.  we sell a lot fewer copies of this list than you might suspect.  So to answer your question; No the list is not “beat up” from too many contacts.

Financial Products Buyers List

We also have another “flavor” of investor, a more traditional type, that we receive fresh weekly.  It is called our Financial Products Buyers List.

Here is a list of some of the optin urls we get that may have an interest for you:






Click here to visit our Financial Products Buyers List.

If you would like to buy BOTH our Investors Lists Combined:

Investors + Financial Products Buyers

***Special Combo*** $1500 for both lists

===>>> Combo Special – All Penny Stock Investors 5M+ 2007-2015 And Financial Products Buyers– $1500 – Buy Now



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 Aged Penny Stock Investor Lists For Sale

This list is not some “shot in the dark” one time blast.  You own this list, therefore you can establish a relationship with these investors over time and get them to know you through repeated contact.  After they hear from you consistently over a period of time, they will grow to trust you, making it easier to get your message across and make a sale. We have 3 aged lists available for you to purchase.  Each of these lists are a different size (number of records), different fields (all have name, email and postal), different ages (2007, 2008 and 2009) Which ever list you decide on, we email the list to you so you have it on your computer.  It comes to you in a comma delimited text file – it should open right up in excel, access or any spread sheet or database program. We can give you a breakdown by state for each list, if you prefer to market your investment opportunity with geographical (geo)-targeting. The aged investors lists available are:

2009 Investors Our list from 2009 is very complete, including almost all fields for each record. The fields included are:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Full Postal Mail
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Gender
  7. IP Address Used To Sign Up
  8. Date of Registration (All 2009)
  9. Investment Website URL Source
  10. 250,000 records available

This is our premium investor list right now.  It is current (2009), complete (all fields) and reliable (URL’s are all investor related), and really should work well for any investment project because there is such a large universe (250,000 records) of qualified prospects. 250,000 Investor Leads 2009 – $300 – Buy Now

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2008 Investors This is our largest investor list, just over 2 million records all together.  Each record has:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Full Postal Mail
  3. Email
  4. 2.1 Million records available

Since this list does not have the URL source, the date or the IP address, there is not much for sure about this list, except that there are alot of records for a small investment.  If you can send out to the list economically, you should turn a great return on investment. 2 Million Investor Leads 2008 – $250 – Buy Now

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2007 Investors This is our economy investor list:


  1. First and Last Name
  2. Full Postal Mail
  3. Email
  4. 324,000 records available

Not much is known about this list, except that they are all from one (huge) online investment portal. 324,000 Investor Leads 2007 – $200 – Buy Now

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Combination of All Investor Lists When we take all 4 of the above lists and combine their email addresses together we wind up with approximately 2.6 million records with unique email addresses.  This jumbo investor list will launch any program into “the next level”. Investor Leads Combo 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 – $495 – Buy Now

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