How to Generate Quality Health Insurance Leads

How to Generate Quality Health Insurance Leads

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Millions of Americans are looking for the private health insurance for their individual needs. Here’s how to generate quality health insurance leads!

Health Insurance can be a tricky business. It seems as if every day, there is something new happening in the industry.

The good thing is that there will always be a need for health insurance. Even when a large portion of the population is insured, they will always be shopping for better coverage at a better price.

If you are in the healthcare business and need solid health insurance leads, you know that quality trumps quantity. Quality leads to more sales and stops valuable time from being wasted.

There are some techniques that will help you get those quality leads. Let’s take a look at those methods and how they can benefit you.


If you provide quality service, your customers are likely to tell their friends and family about it. Even though fewer people trust businesses, they do trust people close to them.

There are ways to ensure that your customers are actively working to expand your business. Offering promotions for referrals is one way to get health insurance leads, as is simply asking people to review you on social media.

How do you reach people that are looking for health insurance?

Marketing to Get Health Insurance Leads

The idea of radio, print, or television marketing leading to increased business has always been popular.

After all, you will be reaching a large number of people. Plus, these people are interested in getting to know what your service can do for them.

The dilemma that comes with this method is that you will also be reaching out to people that have no interest in your product. Let’s say that you advertise in a newspaper that has a readership of 500,000 people.

First, how many of those readers are looking for health insurance? The ones that aren’t will skip over your ad, the one that you paid top dollar for because of a large number of potential readers.

Second, out of the ones that are looking for health insurance, how many of them will read the part of the paper that your ad will be placed on?

Why pay a premium price for eyeballs that might not fall onto your ad?

The two main ways of generating leads then seem to have flaws. What’s the solution?

Leads Lists

There are two major benefits to health insurance leads lists.

One is that the leads you receive are people that have signed up for quotes or information about health insurance. You know that the leads you are getting are fresh and have an actual interest in your product.

The second is that you get these leads for pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional advertising.

You aren’t paying to advertise to the million people that watch the daytime television show your commercial will appear in.┬áInstead, you are only paying for the people that are interested in you.

This method negates the negatives of the major methods of generating leads while enhancing the positive aspects.

Know Who Your Leads Are Coming From

Make sure the company that is giving you your leads lists are reputable. Make sure that they specialize in leads lists.

If they generate leads for investors as well, it gives them legitimacy. After all, investors aren’t known to tolerate sub-standard performance. Getting a health insurance leads list can be a great decision.

Contact us with any questions you may have. We are always willing to walk you through the process and help you make the best decision for you and your company.