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Three Varieties of Health Insurance Leads

Long Form Leads

Live Transfers

Internet Optins

Health Insurance Leads Database

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes for Health Insurance needs.

Fresh Health Insurance Leads for sale. People are constantly shopping to save money on their health insurance, so there is a constant flow of leads that convert to sales in the health insurance business.  Our list of Health Insurance Leads put you in contact with the people who are currently seeking health insurance quotes.

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes for Health Insurance needs.

DATA. These leads sell for $2.5 to $4.5 when new.
We get it under 30 days – 2nd position.

Package #1 =
3500 Leads $700 Under 30 Days

Package #2 =
10K Leads $1500 Under 30 Days

Health Insurance Live Transfer Leads

200 per day minimum. $7.50 each.
Setup is $7500 for 1000 calls.
90 second buffer.

Normally $225 – $250 “cost of acquisition”
This puts you in at $180 to $200 each.

1000 Calls – $7500 – 90 second buffer

Certified Funds Required

Certified Funds Required, List57


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Health Insurance Leads – Internet Optins Who Want Help Finding the Best Coverage

Includes Name, Full Address, Phone, Email

Fresh Health Insurance Leads for sale. Health Insurance is one of the biggest industries of our time.  Our list of Health Insurance Leads put you in contact with consumers who are searching for their best coverage possible.

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes for Health Insurance related items.

All Health Insurance Leads come with three contact points – physical address, phone and email address.

Here is the current header for the Health Insurance Leads you will receive in csv format:

First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, IP, Date/Time

Our source for these fresh leads is this site.

1st Position – 1 to 3 Day Old Leads

Certified Funds Required, List57

100K – $1350 | 250K – $2500 | 500K – $4000 | 1 Million – $7000

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2nd Position – 3 to 5 Day Old Leads

We have found that 2nd position or aged leads can work well for persistent market segments such as this. In fact, our fresh leads often go unsold which gives you first crack at them for a discounted price. A good campaign and script will produce with any of these lists. We offer and promote 2nd position and aged lists because they provide a less expensive way to test markets and offers.

An easy way to measure list effectiveness is cost-per-opportunity or marketing qualified lead (MQL); the cost of getting an interested person on the line. For 500K Health Insurance leads the cost for 1% converting to an opportunity is 80 cents for 1st position and 50 cents for second position. That is a 46% cost difference for a lead that may have the same value. It depends on our traffic for the vertical this week but it is a large margin in any case.

Certified Funds Required, List57100K – $1150 | 250K – $1650 | 500K – $2500 | 1 Million – $4000

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Aged Leads – Under 30 Days Old

Inventory of Previously Sold Files – “In-Stock”

Here are all of the Health Insurance leads that we previously sold, and now have available for immediate delivery. Pricing varies according to size and age.

300K – 8/27/19
1 Million – 8/14/19
1 Million – 7/15/19
1 Million – 4/4/19

1 Million – 9/28/18
500,000 – 8/20/18
100,000 – 7/6/18
100,000 – 5/15/18
50,000 – 5/7/18

We also have data from 2016 and 2017

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