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Every campaign is different, we understand.

Call center leads are consumers with phone numbers that you can load into an autodialer or predictive dialer or any dialer.  If you own a call center, you go through hundreds of thousands or more likely millions of phone numbers.

We get a weekly feed of fresh Call Center leads with the phone numbers of millions of opt-in, USA consumers.  These are full record leads, including these fields:


Call Center Telemarketing Leads With 3 Contact Points

These Call Center Leads are extra powerful because they have 3 full contact points for each lead – mailing address, email address and phone number.  When prospects here about a company or offer in their email, their phone and at their dining room table (regular mail), they find themselves curiously compelled to respond to that offer.

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This list is in stock and will be emailed to you, usually within a few hours in csv text format.

NOTE:  There is no “targeting” for this list at this price.  These are nationwide USA.  We can do any targeting that you need, but it will be at higher pricing.

Do you need broadcasting services to these Call Center Leads (or any list)?

We can:
1. Broadcast your phone message to these Call Center Leads via autodialer.
2. Email broadcast your email message to these Call Center Leads.
3. Mail out your mailing piece to these Call Center Leads.

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27 Million Accurate USA Phone Numbers of People Who Qualified For A Timeshare Offer.  Every Number Had A Live Pickup

Huge database for sale…  This telemarketing company has 15 phone rooms across the country, and this is the list of their positive, picked up calls for the timeshare industry.

All leads have the source and call time – shows you who expressed interest.


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