Canadian BizOpps Business Opportunity Seekers List

Canadian Bizopps Business Opportunity Seekers List57Do you need fresh Canadian leads for your home based business, MLM or online business?  We now have a very responsive list of Canadian business opportunity seekers. Canadians are big internet shoppers just like the US. According to US backed business analysts there were $1.2 billion in Canadian online purchases in 2017 and the number is expected to be $50 billion by 2019. Another key metric is: 67% of Canadian online shopping is imports. Just these few statistics make a great case for increases in entrepreneurship inside Canada.

Canadians prefer to shop at home so it makes sense that Canadians will start businesses to fulfill the need. The good thing is that we know who some of the Canadians are that will be starting businesses. They are folks who are actively searching for a way to make some extra money and are waiting to hear from you.

These are currently NOT AVAILABLE NEW.

We do have some data from June 2017 (our last batch) that includes full name, phone, email address, IP, date and time.

Uh-Oh! These lists may not work for you. Please check out our overview of the Canadian anti-SPAM law and read the law here

Note: We expect our Canadian suppliers to get their ducks in a row and start creating these leads again…soon.

Canadian BizOpps Seekers List of Leads – Various Ages