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 Real-Time, Call Center Sales Leads – “Timing Is Everything”

Real Time Leads List57.com

The advantages of contacting consumers in real-time are getting lot’s of attention in the marketing and advertising world. In a recent VentureBeat article written by Matt Miszewski at Digital Realty, one of the world’s top data center providers; “We have reached the tipping point in marketing where speed and precision will win out over traditional marketing approaches. Success or failure of marketing campaigns will be measured in milliseconds. Companies that reach the consumer at just the right time and ahead of the competition will win out.”

So marketers demanded real-time leads – and now they have them with Real-Time Sales Leads for their Call Center from List57.com

Most consumers’ buying process is done before engaging with a sales funnel. Potential buyers are doing more research online, educating themselves and figuring out their purchase options even before submitting to the process. Prospects now can jump to any part of your funnel if you allow them mobility to do so. Those marketers who bridge that gap with real-time response to leads, stand to crush any space they choose.

How To Expedite the Customer Journey With The “Real-Time Revolution” for your Call Center

Since prospects are most likely to engage with a sales funnel when they are ready to buy, the advantage goes to organizations that successfully prioritize the real-time advantage in every aspect of their inbound marketing and then analyze every step in their sales pipelines. But not many are aware of a major barrier to this marketing wonderland: lead latency.

The average time-till-delivery for most companies is about one whole day. In an environment where the advantage is measured often less than a minute, or even seconds, this is can be a profit destroyer.

Now that this trend has been identified, lead buyers can now demand that lead distribution systems optimize lead delivery speed with real-time options.

It is not hard to realize that the KEY TAKEAWAY is that TIME kills leads, and that they MAIN COMPONENT TO SUCCESS is how quickly the marketer can respond to the lead.

How You Ever Experienced The Power Of Real-Time Leads?

If you’ve never experienced the power and explosiveness of real-time leads, you may be shocked at how easy it can be to gain massive ROI for your call center.

In a world where prospective clients submit inquiries to a few areas of interest, the first response to reach that prospect gains a massive advantage in mind-share over those marketers who are third or fourth to respond.

In industries like insurance and mortgage, for instance, where the same lead is sold to multiple vendors, the first responder also has an undeniable advantage.

Like a high stakes race, online marketing is becoming a place where a sale can be won by a whisker, or a photo finish, where the deal is won by a millisecond, with real-time leads delivered via leading edge API Feed technology.

There is immense value in finding latency in your leads and exploiting cutting-edge technologies that expedite the marketers time-to-respond.


Try a batch of these powerful leads from List57.com today and watch your Call Center ROI SKYROCKET!!



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