Businesses Are Expected To Double Their Spending On Email Marketing by the year 2018*

Forrester Research*

It is predicted that in the future, use of Email Lists will increase every year as an efficient platform for strategic marketing initiatives for expanding your business. Time and again, it is proved that marketing techniques initiated through the platform of email has resulted in higher ROI returns in comparison to most other methods of marketing. It is a fact that almost every people around the world, including those related to the business sector, possesses email addresses. They use these email lists to connect with various people – within their business genre and even outside it.

Email Lists can prove fruitful to send various marketing emails for connecting with the audience. This would certainly be the best platform for you can stay in personal touch with your customers or target audience in absolutely constructed manner and instigate validity of your message and propagate the idea of yourself and your business. Promoting your products and services would be highly effective in this fashion. We, at TheListWiz, help to offer such services with great benefits.

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Customized Consumer Email List

We offer fresh and effective opt-in leads for consumers. We are also committed to provide superior leads that would help in overall growth of your business in an effective manner. You can also strategically target the customized consumer list according to age, location, gender or even on the basis of special interests of the consumers like seekers of business opportunity, leads in payday loan, college students etc.

As a result of customizing, we offer a genuine chance to cater to different category separately with a bang. This also helps to construct various messages relating to the cream essence of the service or product that you are trying to offer and attract the attention of the target audience across a wider group effectively.

A customized Consumer Email List would include – name, zip code, city, state, gender, email address, contact numbers etc.

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Customized Business Email List

Create a customized Business Email List for your purpose. Choose SIC codes of basic industries and their location. You can also make a list after selecting the size of employees on any geographic location. Email Lists can also be customized by combining several available selections. In order to place custom orders, filling out a quote form is necessary.

A customized Business Email List may include – contact name, business name, mailing address, contact title, Email address, fax and phone numbers, employees working and even volume of sales.

Customization would eventually help you to reach your target audience much faster and help you to modify the message for your marketing campaign for any particular product or service into various forms in order to attract the attention of all.

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Are Email Lists Old School?

 Many experts consider this system to be a conventional and old, since Emails are the oldest means of modern and instant communication system that is still used largely throughout the world; and even in business sector. Yet they prove to be one of the most effective and faster means of communicating tools that can be largely used as a crucial platform to promote or market any business. On the other hand, it is also true that Emails have the potential and are also a very cost-effective means of marketing tool that is even utilized in modern world.

 Various studies have rightly recorded that even though Emails are one of the oldest means of modern communication systems, they play a major role in communication still today. There is even no sign of diminishing dependence on this medium as a popular and economic platform to market any business. This proves that in spite many dubbing this medium of an old school, yet, it offers a plausible platform to campaign in the most effective manner with fruitful returns.

What Are Email Lists Worth

When the provision of marketing any business comes into effect, Email Lists offer unlimited added value. Importance of Email List is conferred upon all businesses. We even take strive to ensure that the facility is available to everyone. We even caution, not to underrate the value of Email Lists since it not only offers best methods of modern marketing, but also offers highest and positive results that you or any businessman would be calculating to achieve. Email Lists also confer these achievements through minimal effort.

This system of Email Lists also tends to minimize cost of operation (sending messages through emails). This platform offers the best possible genre of minimizing costs related to effective marketing strategies.

The more you would be able to segment, the more effectively you can construct target messages for making your campaign a success. This would lead to further increase of overall valuation of your Email List I the process.

 How to Grab the Email Readers Attention

 Formatting an email for marketing campaign can prove to be a hefty task. It requires including all necessary information in a short and simplistic form. In addition, the message should be clear and appealing to the readers too, in order to attract their attention and motivate them to experience the service or even buy the product.

 We even recommend to add relevant links from YouTube, that would help target customers and audience take a decision whether to buy or discard the product or service. However, you should always ask yourself the question before initiating any new campaign to make it a success – what forced you to write the email. This would perhaps lend a clear idea about what message would you give your target audience or customers through emails.

 Oh, we forgot to mention how important the subject line is when it comes time to send out your marketing message. Since the subject line is the first thing that people see when they are deciding which emails are worth looking at, we think it’s a really good idea to give you a few tips so your recipients will actually open your email and read it!

*** Don’t use spam terms like “urgent, free, call now, order now, etc.”, because these words will make people instantly delete the email.
***  Add your company name or brand so readers instantly know who the message is from making it recognizable as from you and much more likely to be opened and read.
***  Keep the message as short as possible and to stay on one topic.

Creating an Email List Specific To Your Business Type of Industry

It would rightly be a great feat if you can create an Email List for yourself. is probably the best service provider to offer you such advantage. You can decide on the group over which you are going to target and make your Email List. Would you focus on the workers associated with any particular industry? Do they tend to fall under a certain age group? Just mention the type of list you would want to have; and our experts would develop that for you.

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Email Etiquette is Important

It is necessary to maintain proper and standard etiquettes while initiating marketing techniques through Emails.

*** It is necessary to keep a check on the number of emails you are sending. It is a fact that people and target customers who are in your Email Marketing List like to hear from you, yet sending them everyday would not be meaningful. Make a schedule or send them your message after a gap of probably a week or so.

On that note, your email should include an option for people to unsubscribe if they want to. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, it’s the law. That means if someone wants to unsubscribe you’ll need to make sure that you unsubscribe them as soon as possible. (We here at are law-abiding citizens so we want to make sure you are, too!)

***  Personalization of email would also lend an air of high professionalism that is necessary to maintain rapport with target customers and help in promoting business through positive vibes.

How to Grab Your Readers Attention

Creating an email marketing campaign can be quite the challenge. You want to be sure that you’re including all the necessary information that your readers need to know while also making sure that your message is written in a way that is appealing so as to keep their interest. Don’t go on and on and on and on and on and on about any one thing in particular, and instead try to provide your information in a way that gives the reader everything they need to know in short and to-the-point blocks of information.

We highly recommend adding a few links that will take them to other pertinent information that you have available on the internet, such as a YouTube video, or a webinar, or whatever you think is going to help them make the decision to buy or not to buy, which is the ultimate goal. Before you create a new marketing campaign, be sure to ask yourself as you’re writing out the email ‘what kind of value am I providing for my audience’?

Boost Your Email Delivery Chances

 We are really surprised to get the fact that at least 20% emails directed towards marketing strategy of any business organization fail to reach the target audience. Due to this reason we suggest several vital tips that would eventually help the marketing emails reach your clients and target consumers effectively and even faster.

 It is wise not to use words that are recorded as spasm. Always try to send marketing emails through an SMTP server. It is important that you use a format through which the recipient can see the name of brand or company and understand who has really sent the emails. Otherwise they would delete the mails without checking them.

***   Don’t use words that can be termed spammy.
***  Always use an SMTP server to broadcast the emails.
***  Put your name or brand boldly up front so they recognize you.

Follow Email Lists Guidelines

 It is highly important to check sending huge number of emails over a short time span. On the other hand, a potential audience might even unsubscribe from the link in case he or she receives huge number of marketing emails from any particular business authority. Sending too many emails for marketing intentions might even prompt the receivers to mark you as a spammer.

 You can also select or sections within the list and send marketing campaign emails to various sections of customer list at different times. This would also help you to cover your entire range of already listed consumers and target customers also; without repeating same emails to any group of target audience.

Some Interesting Email Stats

***  Over 90% of people who you use the internet have an email address, and almot 70% check their email daily.

***  An email is sent every 0.00000035 seconds – 250 billion emails get sent every day.

***  More than $13 billion dollars were spent in the US in 2009 on email marketing

 Permission is Key

 We provide genuine Email Lists that offer addresses of people who have consented to be on designated Email List. This even proves that they expect to get marketing emails from various business enterprises.

 Taking permission also shows your gentle and sober attitude that tends to play a vital role in modern day marketing. Target customers generally avoid marketing techniques that is persistently nagging in nature. In that case, short email messages explaining the core content of the product or service allows the customer to decide whether to go for the product or service or not.

 This humble nature would certainly help you to pursue the target customer for a long time and offer you beneficial dividend in the end; rather than getting a cold shoulder that might eventually hurt your business prospect.

 Get The Results You Need always aims to offer tremendous help to give you desired outcome through compatible marketing campaign. We also offer various quality services at highly affordable prices. We take full stride to make your campaign a successful one and also understand the importance to satisfy the clients.


 In modern day, people access internets from every corner of the globe with the help of mobile phones. It is therefore highly necessary to make the structure and pages of email campaign highly compatible with the gadget and open faster in the devices also. Almost every person having the facility to access emails through mobile check their emails through the device. It would therefore, be necessary to develop email pages for marketing campaigns that are compatible with mobile gadgets.

We Make it Super Simple!

 We believe in simplicity. Customers do not want to see or watch out for complex ideas. Even the message should be simple with a friendly and personal tone that serves as genuine attraction for innumerable customers. The simpler you are able to formulate your message, the greater involvement of customers in your message would come as a result.

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We offer genuine service in this matter and help to expand your business prospect with guaranteed returns by following sober tactics. Our service is also highly affordable.

Email Marketing Databases Tips

Databases related to Email marketing are certainly priceless. They are store-houses of lists containing information of both current and potential customers, which serves as the lifeline of all business ventures. According to Forrester Research, people would be spending nearly 2.5 billion dollars to promote marketing procedure through emails by the end of 2016; which is nearly double the figure that they were spending in 2011. It is for this reason that we are constantly vouching to lay stress on email marketing campaigns for promoting any business. You can call us to know the details of such campaigns.

At, we have chalked out several simple tips that would eventually come in handy to clean your database so that you can firmly take a genuine step towards initiating effective marketing campaigns through emails.

***  First of all, divide all your email contact addresses into specific sections – like, the probable products of their choice, or even according to the date when they joined. This would eventually help you to reach your target segment over a definite demographic area effectively. Capitalize on the information or marketing message according to your target group when you decide whom to offer or attract with your services or products.

***  Secondly, you can also point out the segment of people who are unwilling to respond to your message. You can also try to collect relevant information regarding their denial to answer your emails and modify your approach accordingly for nest ventures. On the other hand, you can also sent them personal emails informing that they would be deleted from the designated database for not complying with the response to marketing emails.

***  Thirdly, you can also carry out a sample survey from your customers in order to find out what they actually want to hear or find from your emails. In addition, you can also survey about the period or interval at which your target customers would like to receive marketing emails of your business. In majority of cases, customers and target audiences are likely to appreciate the move and give relevant inputs regarding what kind of information they really expect through your marketing emails.

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