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Fresh Solar Sales Leads for sale from USA, Canada and UK.  Solar panels are one of the biggest selling consumer goods these days, especially with the government getting involved with subsidies and tax breaks.

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes to have solar panels installed on their home or business.

All solar leads come with three contact points – physical address, phone and email address.

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Solar Leads Fresh Real Time

Solar Sales Leads Help You Monetize Massive Growth Anticipated In The Solar Industry In from USA, Canada and UK

Never before has the cost of generating electricity from the sun been able to compete with traditional sources of energy in a number of key areas. Also, breakthroughs in battery technology can increasingly make solar energy a practical, cost-effective method to meet the ever-growing demand for additional energy.

The key to solar energy growth potential requires an understanding of the industries strengths and weaknesses. This industry naturally favors sun-drenched regions with more predictable weather, but recently, the biggest key to growth has been government regulations and tax incentives. To stabilize growth, the industry built a framework that includes local regulatory codification, installation professionals and overall operating conditions and variations on the roofs can shed light on sustainability trends, energy goals and markets, and investment trends.

Demand for solar power is expected to grow by many gigawatts per year through 2020

US demand for solar power is a huge opportunity. “We are relatively bullish on solar demand growth in the US,” says Stephen Byrd, spokesman for the power, utility and clean energy industries. He cites successful rooftop solar economics and the promise of key tax breaks. “In the long term, we believe solar power will be economic in some US states without any form of subsidy,” Byrd said.

Advances In Batteries and Rooftops

The growth of the rooftop solar market, worldwide, should become a massive driver of demand and holds the largest promise for continued solar growth. Even bigger “solar farms” will continue to offer large jumps in volume that assist in lowering the overall cost of solar power, in reference to other energy sources, but the attraction for small scale and independent solar rooftop setups for private homeowners and any size businesses would mark a shift in perception for the daily viability and sustainability of solar power. The psychological impact of viewing neighbors with solar panels on their roofs and realizing they are paying less energy bills. Then home values as well as social values shift the overall view of solar from abstract and inaccessible to real and do-able.

Technological advances in energy storage is helping to make solar rooftop even more attractive. As could almost be predicted, the advances have been spawned from the energy-hungry auto industry. Hybrid and electric vehicle innovations over the past few years have had to deal with the battery problem: how to make relatively small and long-lasting, fast-charging, long-lasting and scalable priced energy storage for vehicles. It turns out that what works for vehicles may be perfect for power-hungry houses and businesses.

The advanced battery solution resolves the old issue with the variety of renewable energy sources: output variability. The sun sets, and the wind stops blowing. Local made power normally flows right to the grid. But then, when you need it most, consumers have to withdraw electricity from grid power.

Less expensive, longer lasting, high-capacity local energy storage allows user to go completely off-grid. This trend is radical enough that it would eventually take enough customers from the utility companies, says Byrd. “In the US, Hawaii and California represent the greatest opportunity for going off-grid due to their significantly higher electricity rates and strong solar conditions”.

With the potential numbers of total conversions out there, the solar revolution could very well define a generation of “energy independence.”

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