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Source #1

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Fresh Payday Loan Leads for sale.  Cash flow is one of the biggest financial concerns of our time.  Our list of Payday Loan Leads put you in contact with the people who are currently seeking relief for their slow cash flow.

Contact people who are interested in receiving quotes for Payday Loans for them personally.

All Payday Loan Leads come with three contact points – physical address, phone and email address.

Here are the current header for the Payday Loan Leads you will receive in csv format:


First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, IP, Date/Time

Our source for these fresh leads is this site – on the right hand side you will see two offers— one is for credit repair – people who check that box for credit repair are the ones you will receive.


5000 Payday Loan Leads

Under 30 Days Fresh
  • 5,000 Payday Loan Leads

  • 3 Contact Points – Postal, Phone, Email

  • Fresh Under 30 Days

  • Universal CSV Format

  • Add to Cart 5k Credit Repair Leads
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100,000 Payday Loan Leads

3 To 5 Days New
  • 100,000 Payday Loan Leads

  • 3 Contact Points – Postal, Phone, Email

  • 3 to 5 Days New

  • Universal CSV Format

  • Add to Cart 100k Credit Repair Leads

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Source #2


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2250 Live Payday Loan Leads

10 to 55 Minutes

Only $450

Add to Cart 3k Leads Real Time

3000 Real-time Payday Loan Leads

1 to 12 Hours

Only $450

Add to Cart 3k Leads Real Time

4000 Fresh Payday Loan Leads

Under 30 Days

Only $450

Add to Cart 4k Leads Under 30 Day Fresh

100K Fresh Payday Loan Leads

Under 30 Days

Only $1250

Add to Cart 100k Leads Under 30 Days Fresh

100K Aged Payday Loan Leads

Under 90 Days

Only $1000Add to Cart 100k Under 90 Days

1 Million Payday Loan Leads

Each Record Is Unique
NOT Co-Reg.

Under 30 Days – $3,000
0-3 Months – $2,500
0-6 Months – $2,000

Bulk Auto Insurance Leads

0-12 Months
Each Record Is Unique
NOT Co-Reg.

1 Million – $1350
2 Million – $1,950
3 Million – $2,900
5 Million – $4,400
10 Million – $7,400

Payday Loan Leads Fresh Real Time

Payday Loan Leads Help You Monetize Personal Cash Flow Crisis

We provide genuine leads of consumers who need cash to get them through until their payday. These folks are concerned about eating and paying basic needs until their regular paycheck comes in. can connect you to these prospects to help them take care of their cash needs.

We specialize in providing fresh, real-time Payday Loan leads. The best thing about our fresh Payday Loan Leads is that all the leads have been pre-screened and ultra fresh.

Our leads are effective for your customer care solutions, along with the flawless timing. Our lead capture and distribution infrastructure allows us to provide you with the highest quality leads anywhere.

We are leaders in providing successful leads that are reordered week after week, because they bring in the positive ROI consistently to Payday Loan companies.

Our Payday Loan Leads are developed through online strategies including keyword search, email online strategies and others

These leads are perfect for firms looking for a consistent marketing strategy that delivers a steady flow of leads that convert into sales on a predictable basisOur Payday Loan Leads are sold on a real-time basis which means that the leads you buy are sold only to you.  One of the greatest advantages of our Payday Loan Leads is your ability to reach prospects at both a phone number and an email, which can be one of the most powerful marketing techniques of our time.

We work with companies that focus on providing Payday Loans to their customers, and many are doing extremely well with our leads and order them weekly.

We deliver your fresh Payday Loan Leads via email or can be posted into your CRM solution.

Cash-In With The Cash Flow Crisis – Order Your Fresh Set of Payday Loan Leads Today.