Rip Off Report Is A Rip Off

List57’s Stance¬†= Please Be A Man Or Woman And Let Us Address Your Issue,
Instead of Being A Keyboard Warrior And Hiding Behind Rip Off Report 

Ripoffreport is a ripoff, for-profilt extortion scam

It is almost impossible to be in business – especially e-commerce, without having a “ripoffreport” filed against your company.

List57 sells dozens of lists every month, with the vast majority of customers being happy with the purchase, and a larger percentage of customers buy from us repeatedly, over and over again. is a very high ranking website on the google search index, so it receives a great deal of attention.

Learn more about this controversial method of for-profit extortion in this article – The Real Rip-Off Report | Phoenix New Times


Consider WHO posts the report

A majority of the reports are submitted by either disgruntled employees or competitors

Ripoffreport is a ripoff, for-profilt extortion scam

Photos of the Owner of The Extortion Racket Known As RipOffReport