Nurses List – Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database

Nurses List – Contact Nurses
With This Nursing Database

Nurses List - Contact Nurses With This Nursing DatabaseIf you have a product or service directed at nurses, then this is the list you need.

Nurse Email Lists – 36,850 Records is your trusted source for a completely updated nurse database every time you need it. Our list is high quality and will offer you the valuable information that you need. Every single list that we offer, including our nurse mailing list, is checked for accuracy and updated in a timely manner. Our lists are also offered at competitive prices. We are happy to offer you our excellent lists that are constantly updated and are available at prices you can afford.

Our nurses contact list is filled with thousands and thousands of nurses from all over the country. This database will help you to advance your business initiatives with contact details for nurses that you want to get in touch with.


Filetype – Excel
Currently Updated
Target Country – United States
Total Records – 36,850 (Each record has “unique” email address!)
Price – $797 USD (One-time fee for entire database!)


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Nurses List – Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database

Nurses List - Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database - list57.comSome facts about nurses:

Nurses perform a large range of clinical and non-clinical functions critical to the delivery of medical care, and may be concerned in medical and nursing research.

Both Nursing roles and education were first outlined by Florence Nightingale, following her experiences caring for the injured in the Crimean War. Before this, nursing was considered to be a trade with few common practices or documented standards. Nightingale’s ideas were used as a guide for establishing nursing faculties at the start of the 20th century, which were generally hospital-based training routines stressing the development of a collection of clinical abilities.

Practice as a nurse is commonly outlined by state, provincial or territorial states. Some regions have legislated different or expanded roles for nurses, creating many potential nurse careers. Around the globe, nurses are commonly female. However, in Francophone Africa, which involves the states of Benin, Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, and Togo, there are far more male than female nurses. In Europe, in nations like Spain, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, and Italy, over twenty p.c. of nurses are male. Now , a nursing lack exists inside the UK, US, Canada, and a bunch of other developed states.

The bulk of research alludes to a deficit of Registered Nurse staff. The Canadian Registered Nurse deficit has been associated with longer wait times for hospital-based procedures, increased adversary events for patients, and more stressful work environments. As the dearth of licensed nurses increases, it is anticipated that there will be an enlarging move towards employing uncontrolled medical care employees to meet demands for basic nursing care inside hospitals and the community. The English word nurse also makes reference to the act of breastfeeding. A wet nurse is considered someone that provides her very own breast-milk to children.

In other languages, the word for nurse comes from the same etymology as the word surgery , for example in French ( infirmier ), or Italian ( infermiere ). Generally nurses are distinguished from each other by the area they work in ( vital care, perioperative, oncology, nephrology, pediatrics, adult acute care, geriatrics, psychiatric, community, occupational health, and so on. ). Bodies eg the American Nurses organisation and the Canadian Nurses organisation have both supported a move towards the making of national speciality certifications, so as to support more specialized nursing roles. Nursing education varies widely, and continues to supply a spread of options as nursing roles develop and also expand in scope. Tutorial preparation as a nurse may include certificate, diploma, associates, bachelors, pros or doctoral preparation.

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Nurses List – Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database

Nurses List - Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database - list57.comHere are some nursing terms:

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Nurses List – Contact Nurses With This Nursing Database