Email Broadcast to In-House List of Private, Wealthy, High Net Worth Investors. This List Is Never Sold To 3rd Parties So It Never Gets “Beat Up” And Our Broadcast Messages Hit The In-Box

Accredited Investors Email List For Sale

Counts For Our “In-House” Investor List
Nationwide with Email, Phone or Postal – 2,145,764 (scroll down for details)’s responsive master investors list provides members new and exciting investment prospects.  These investors are actively aware of the events that exist in the Small Cap market.  And, they’re keeping their eyes and ears open for new places to invest.

This file is also composed of highly targeted sub directories – See Investor Type (below) – which describe what the investors preference is so far as industry and the rough number of investors in that industry sector.

These are knowledgeable, wealthy, investors who have succeeded in building their private net worth.

These people have shown their interest in investment opportunities by replying to invitations for info about stocks and particular industries.

These people welcome e-mail and direct mail offers to keep them up to date on new opportunities.  This file is one hundred percent opt in and includes the customer’s e-mail and postal address.

Accredited Investors Email List

This exclusive database we built through our own in-house finance sites and highly targeted promotion initiatives.  This has produced a very reactive and targeted list that can be sorted by the type of investor.

These investors are looking for opportunities and can be centered in multiple methods. You’ve got access to investor email lists, investor telephone & mail lists, location and age of investor, type of investor, and other key demographics.

Have a look at some of the specific investor types we offer access to:

* Accredited Investors
* Speculative Investors
* Stock & Bond Investors
* Small-cap Investors
* Affluent Boomers
* High Net Worth Investors
* Oil & Energy Investors
* High Income Seniors
* High Income Young Investors
* Precious Metal & Gold Investors
* Green Investors
* Real Estate Investors
* Ultra Affluent

Base Charges – 3 Cents Each / 33,500 Minimum.

Email Broadcast – Minimum 33,500 for $995.  Buy Now.
Mail – please email or call for a custom quote

Recommended Users Of This File
Public & Private Companies
Investor Relation Firms
Ad Agencies
Financial Institutions products & services

Target Markets
Small Cap Stocks
Investor Relation Campaigns
Investment Opportunities
Financial Services
Real Estate Investment
Retirement Investments

Internet and In House Sites as well as Multiple third party financial and investor web sites & surveys.  Here is a sample of a few:

Sample Survey

Investor Type – File Size

Green Investors – 167,232
Oil & Energy – 92,598
Precious Metals – 145,928
Gold Investors – 81,339
Technology – 151,290
Real Estate – 123,453
Wireless – 79,529
Biotech – 137,405
Internet Gaming – 101,399
HealthCare – 81,739

These are just a few of the more popular databases. Other selects include state, gender, age, and income.  Please inquire about other Industry groups available

Postal Terms
Sample mail piece is required with order
Delivery in 5-7 business days

Email Terms
HTML and/or Text message
Tracking Clicks & Opens
48 hour turnaround after ad copy received

Who Uses This List
Here are some of the companies that use this list on a regular basis:
* Chase
* Raymond James
* Konica Minolta
* Symantec
* Smith Barney
* Office Depot
* Wachovia
* Recourse Communications

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