Reputation Hall of Shame!!!

The following names did chargebacks for no reason, or tried to run fraudulent transactions.  So List57 created a page to project their true reputation:  Hall of Shame – Thieves, crooks, con-artists, rip-offs, liars, scum bags – and even clergy.


FRAUD – Attempted to run stolen credit cards: – 25 FEB 2018 – 25 FEB 2018


12 April 2017

Dhani Anton Calhoun

Dhani Anton Calhoun

Dhani Anton Calhoun

Dhani answered my ad on Craigslist to purchase a camera and ship it to me… He took $280 and disappeared.

11 FEB 2017

Demetrius McNear Pulled A $700 Robbery With Venmo App

Demetrius McNear

Demetrius McNear

On Feb 11, 2017 Demetrius McNear used the app Venmo to convince me that he had $700 available in his account to make a purchase.  I accepted his transfer in Venmo – I now show a $700 credit in Venmo.  I immediately initiated a transfer to my bank.  After 3 days of no money showing up in my bank, I called Venmo, who told me that Demetrius’ account was never actually funded.

Demetrius knew that the funds were not really in the Venmo – just an illusion enabled by the BULLSHIT APP VENMO…

Now I reach out to Demetrius via text message – no reply.

Here is Demetrius McNear of San Diego facebook profile.

Demetrius, make this transaction “right” NOW!!!



8 MARCH 2016

Etrulia Troy Lee

Etrulia Troy Lee - Ordained Minister

Etrulia Troy Lee – Ordained Minister

On March 8th, 2016, Etrulia Troy Lee ordered a specialty marketing list of 37,000 phone numbers from our company for $200.

The list was sent immediately that day.

The next day, March 9th, she contacted our office to say that she “could not find the phone numbers” in the file.

At 9:21 AM on March 10th, she was sent a file with only phone numbers showing – 47,000 usable phone numbers sent to her – 20% more than she had paid for.

At 10 Am on the 10th of March, she filed a chargeback.

She refuses to answer questions regarding this incident.

Evidently it is now out of site and out of her mind – she wants us to “go away”…

DOES THIS SOUND FAIR TO YOU??? What world does this woman live in where she expects things for free???


Website: ,

Etrulia Troy Lee, M.Ed, Ph.D.
Spiritual Development
Health & Wellness
Business Development

Etrulia Troy Lee is an ordained minister, life coach, author, entrepreneur, and accomplished speaker. She received her Master’s degree in education from the University of Maryland and her doctorate in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health.

Her Christian ministry positions have included Sunday school teacher, director of children’s church, director for Vacation Bible School, director of the social committee ministry, small group care leader, member of the church board of directors, facilitator for the discipleship series Master Life, short term missionary to Kenya, and vice-president of the health ministry.

Professional positions include classroom teacher, administrator in the education division at a hospital for children, school principal, instructor USDA Graduate School, Education Division Superintendent for SHABACH! Ministries, Inc, and adjunct professor of nutrition.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors include a successful career in relationship marketing since 2000, owner of Chamike Publishers, which produced the reading series Phonics Is My Way, owner of Training That Transforms, which provided training to child care centers, and author of the book Eat Yourself Slim and Never Diet Again. Her mission is to impact the lives of God’s people by sharing biblical truths on what the Bible has to say about taking care of their temple. Her vision is to see believers everywhere be the model for good health.


What is it about these Ordained Ministers that make them think they can treat the rest of us like crap???






11 JUN 2013

Chris Boucher
Pauline Guindon
Yoshitaka Nakatani
Karen Poole
523 Runnymede Road, 3 Floor
Toronto ON M6S 2Z8 Canada
Mobile : 289-500-1323
Email :

This scum did a chargeback for $997. Do not do business at all with this individua!!

======== – 6 JULY 2012 30 JUNE 2012 – 29 JUNE 2012 28 JUNE 2012 – 18 JUN 2012


Eric Walker
200 University Ave. 14th floor
Toronto Ontario m5h3c6 Canada

This thief, Eric Walker, bought a list with a credit card.  His whole intention from the beginning was to charge-back the list and get it for free.  He stole a $1200 list and would not return any emails explaining what the problem was or why he was charging back.  It was a Grand Larceny thievery, plain and simple.

WARNING: Do not do business with Eric Walker he is a thief, a crook and a con man!!




Alex Umbra;   

What a crook!!! 


In December 2010 he buys a small investor list for $150 to see if it was good for his needs.  3 days later he “buys the rest of the list” for another $1500 – the small 1st list must have worked for him.

Then with no explanation, no warning, no communication at all, he does a chargeback on the full amount – $1650.

Oh, and of course he pulls all this in December – now you have it, now you don’t…

So for the record – don’t do business with Alex Umbra .